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Novita is a software development company focused on providing high end business solutions for the following categories of customers:

● Transmission System Operators  – energy has become increasingly important everywhere. We developed efficient systems for scheduling, accounting, balancing and settlement on power grids based on ENTSO-E standards. At the moment, our technology is central to the energy business operations in 4 countries.

● Energy Traders  – after gaining significant experience in the TSO business we developed complementary ETRM system for energy traders.

● Securities Exchanges – we developed trading system for securities exchanges. Different versions of the system are currently installed in 8 countries on 4 continents.


For Transmission System Operators

Scheduling & Accounting System

Settlement System

Balancing System

ENTSO-e Transparency Integration System

For Energy Traders

ETRM System for Energy Traders

For Securities Exchanges

Exchange Trading System